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In 2014 GSN kicked off a new skill gaming platform called Sparcade. The platform launched in 2016 and sadly was shuttered the same year. I worked with some amazing people on the project and was the character designer for all of the "Fans" - a series of collectable characters players earned though play. A good chunk of the Fans were based on in-game characters, but we came up with a whole bunch that were more off the wall.  © 2016 GSN Games.

Fan Example
Tetris Fan Concepts - originally I wasn't sure what the best way was to handle games that didn't have "characters" to lean on for fans. I tried a bunch of different options here.
In the end, people in costumes was the direction the Creative Director wanted to go.
Trivial Pursuit Fans
Wheel of Fortune Fans (we dropped the faces in the final renders)
Scrabble Fans (we dropped the faces in the final renders)
In addition to creating fans based on gameplay - I also created fans based on achievments and other actions players take in the app.
Winning Streak Fan
Making Friends Fan
Play All Day Fan
Super Fans Fan
Cash Player Fan
Social Butterfly Fan
Eventually - the Fans went a bit off the rails and we made all sorts of crazy ones. 
Robot (depositor) Fan
Animal Athlete Fans
Animal Athlete Fans
New Beginnings Fan
Winner Fan
Decade of Tokens Fans
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